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One Day Beginners Screen Print Course

Places: Three. 

Times: Courses run 10am - 5pm. 

Cost: Standard: £110


About the course

These One Day courses are ideal for beginners or as refreshers for people with some experience of screenprinting. We use photographic stencil techniques rather than hand cut paper stencils. Both drawings and photographs can be printed using this technique. Participants will need to prepare some artwork in advance of the course.

You will learn how to: coat the screen with the liquid stencil; producing artwork for transfer onto the screen; transfer artwork onto the screen using the exposure and washout units; Correct mixing of ink and medium, instruction into building the image through layers within the screen print process. 

At the end of the day you will have produced several prints, using two colours. You may have a group of identical prints, or you might have a several prints that are all a little bit different. This will depend on your approach - whether you are more interested in learning the techniques that will allow you to produce editions of prints, or whether you are more interested in experimenting, and playing around with the medium. Either approach is good. 


What’s included 

Screenprinting workshops are 8 hours in length (including lunch break) and provide participants with an introduction to screenprinting and an opportunity to come away with some prints of your own design.  The course includes cartridge paper and newsprint, one large sheet of Fabriano paper (see below), inks, drawing materials, screen exposure. Fresh coffee, tea and biscuits are included. 


What’s not included 

We keep a stock of Fabriano heavyweight paper which comes in 70 x 50 cm sheets. One sheet of this paper is included in the price. This can be cut into two or four depending on the size of your print. Additional sheets are available and at the cost of 50p per quarter sheet. 

Students with their screen prints_edited
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