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Bespoke Workshops

I run bespoke workshops for large and small groups, including design agencies, hen parties, schools and community groups, down to families and individual tuition.  In addition, I facilitate CPD screen print workshops for teachers.

Depending on numbers workshops can be in my own studio, in the event space within my studio block near Corn Street in central Bristol, or I can come to you. 

I have a great deal of experience of facilitating screen print sessions in schools, from reception age to A level, creating specific workshops to support the subject curriculum, or to created permanent artworks for the school.

Below are some examples of previous bespoke workshops, if  you would like to do some screen printing with your group, or have an idea you would like to discuss, please email

Teambuilding in Wonderland

3 hour workshop for a team of eight from Wonderland, a design and PR agency, using a combination of prepared screens and paper cut stencils, with an open brief focusing on individual and group creativity.  The team undertook a set of creative exercises using shape pattern and colour to express different abstract ideas and emotional states.

Bristol Energy Hub Lightbulb Moments

A drop in workshop for all ages in the Energy Hub foyer on Bristol Harbourside. Using screens prepared with a light bulb image and text, participants, produced posters personalised with their own paper cut stencils.  The brief was to get people thinking about energy use through creativity.

Russian Supremacist Hen Weekend

2.5 hour workshop for twenty-two participants, printing tote bags in the style of the Russian Supremacist movement (the group were predominantly art graduates).  Each participant printed two cotton tote bags with their own design using a combination of paper cut stencils and screens prepared with combinations of patterns and photographs. The session included time at the beginning for lunch with a quick slide show on Supremicism.  I should say that not all my hen parties are this highbrow.

Sunflowers at St Mary Redcliffe Primary 

A day session divided into two classes of 28 year 6 students.

The class had been studying the work of Van Gogh over the previous few weeks.  This session focused on the sunflower paintings.  The children hand cut paper flower shapes and arranged these on the screen which had a vase and flower stalk design prepared on it in advance.  Each made two identical prints on different coloured paper, one for the school to display and one to take home.

Hen Weekend Workshop 1MB_edited.jpg
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