Finding us


Studio 4   

6 Leonard Lane   

Bristol   BS1 1EA

My workshop is in Centrespace, a studio block tucked away down a side street in Bristol's Old City area.  

Directions to the workshop

Leonard Lane is in truth an alley that runs from Corn Street (entrance next to Stanfords Bookshop) to the bottom of Small Street.  The entrance from here is narrow and a little foreboding if you don't know it, but it widens out   Google Maps here.

Centrespace Studios is just beyond a bridge  half way down the lane.  Entry is via a multicoloured door, with a couple of doorbells.   If you ring the top bell l will come down and let you in.

Driving: Because of driving restrictions recently introduced in the Old City area, l would recommend Trenchard Street Car Park, which is no more than a 10 minute walk from the workshop.

Bus: Any bus travelling via Bristol City Centre will bring you close. Best stops are down by the harbour, Rupert St or St Augustines Parade. 

Train: Bristol Temple Meads Station is a 20 minute walk from the workshop.

Coach: Bristol Coach Station is a 10 minute walk from the workshop.


Cycling: Cycle racks are available inside Centrespace. 

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