Coronavirus Info for Simon Tozer Screenprint workshop participants

To be able to run workshops in my studio as safely as possible while there is a risk of infection from Coronavirus, l have considered how best l can reduce the potential for transmission of the virus between workshop participants, other users of the building, and myself.  To this end l have made changes to how the space is used during workshops, and am undertaking additional hygiene measures before and during workshops.  Having said this, the workshop is not large and, although there will always only be a maximum of three participants, please note it will not always be possible to maintain a 2 metre distance between people.  


Measures l am taking

  • Touch points will be disinfected prior to the workshop including tools, equipment and door handles.

  • There will be a visitor specific toilet, which will be disinfected prior to the workshop.

  • Antibacterial gel will be provided, as well as soap for handwashing.

  • Disposable gloves will be provided.

  • Sharing of equipment, materials and tools will be minimized.

  • Extra hygiene care will be taken with the provision of refreshments.

  • Participants will receive instruction on Covid safe practice in the workshop.

  • Aprons will be washed prior to every workshop.

  • Visitor specific toilet


Guidelines for workshop participants

  • Do not attend if you have possible symptoms, or if you have been in contact with anyone who has.  We can reschedule your workshop.

  • If classes are unable to run due to government restrictions, new future dates will be agreed with participants.

  • Bring a face covering with you - and be aware that you may be asked to wear it.

  • Use the handwash provided on entering and leaving the building.

  • Ideally email your artwork to me in advance.

  • Bring a folder or a couple of pieces of card with you (at least 40 x 30cm) for you to take your prints home in.


If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.